Q. I've been charged twice for my order, how do I get my money back?

A. If you were charged more than once you may submit a ticket to us and we will be happy to contact the business on your behalf and research the duplicate transaction. (typically, duplicate transactions are refunded within minutes and arrive in your account within 48 hours)

Q. I found a glitch within the app, what do I do?

A. This one is easy, simply submit a ticket on this page and we will do the rest! (please explain the glitch as accurately and detailed as possible)

Q. I didn't receive any notifications or text messages after placing my order, whats up with that?

A. This could be caused by a human not pressing the buttons in a timely manner, if you don't receive notifications after 10 minutes or so, please submit a ticket to us.

Q. How long do orders normally take?

A. Each business we make apps for has their own time frames. If you feel like an order is taking longer than usual, please call the business in which you placed the order. (you may submit a ticket but calling them is usually faster)

Q. Where is my receipt?

A. Your receipt is emailed to the email address you have on file. We currently can not send duplicates but you can view your order history within the app. (if you need a duplicate receipt we might be able to hand deliver one, just submit a ticket letting us know and we will do anything we can to help)

Q. What other applications do you have for my area?

A. You can find a list of applications we develop here.

Q. It would be sweet if there was one app where we could have everything in one place, any plans on this happening?

A. Simply Order is all about a customizable app experience, we like our clients to have "their own" application that they can manage. That said, you've read our minds and once we reach a certain point, we'll make it.

Q. Hey I don't see the answer to my question! What do I do?

A. No worries! Just submit a ticket and we will answer your question and most likely add it to this sheet so others can use it!