Q. My app doesn't work, what do I do?

A. First, close the app and restart it (don't just hit your home button and reopen the app, actually hit your open apps, clear your apps then reopen) If this doesn't work, please submit a ticket with the device you are using and what happened.

Q. I input the incorrect phone number and am not receiving texts or notifications, how do I change it?

A. You can change it by selecting "change phone number" in the settings when clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app.

Q. I hit pay and it just sits and spins then nothing happens?

A. Sometimes the network connection can lag out, make sure the spinning has stopped then proceed to try and pay again, if it does the same thing, goto your browser (chrome, etc..)  and make sure you can surf some sites to verify connection. If you have connection and are still having issues submitting and order, submit a ticket with the phone type you are using and any other information you can give us such as the current time of the issue.  Our response times are usually quick.

Q. I was charged multiple times, how do I get a refund?

A. Depending on the situation, we can usually issue refunds.  If the refund is due to a problem with your order we ask that you contact the business in which you placed the order. If it was a problem with the app, submit a ticket and we will research the payment and refund you the money asap. (usually immediately, processing takes about 48 hours.)

Q. I don't receive my email receipts, how do I get them?

A. We currently have no way to resend the actual receipt however we can still get you a hard copy if needed or just make you a new one with your order. (note, you can also see your previous orders within the app under settings)  Now the better question is why are you not receiving them? For this double check your email is correct and if it is please submit a ticket so that we can research this and get it fixed.

Q. My question isn't listed, bummer?

A. Hey, we hope this list grows and gets better as more people ask questions, if yours isn't listed, submit a ticket and we will get an answer to you and even update this list with your question if its relevant.

Q. I have an idea for the app, how do I submit it?

A. We welcome ideas, after all its hard to come up with them sometimes. For this simply send us a ticket, explain your idea and we will see what we can do!